Fighting is often depicted as crude and brutal - an act reserved for the violent outcasts on the fringes of society. But those who intimately know the practice of combat understand it for what it is - a precise science and a beautiful art form. Likewise, the archaic roots of the term villain simply referred to the common villager. Merely low-born, rustic, but over time perceived by high-brow society as wicked. Scoundrels and knaves. Muay Thai, and martial arts, is a sport grown from the roots of poverty and survival. Archaic Villain is a nod to this misconception and duality. As a brand, we aim to create high-quality athletic fight-wear that celebrates the passionate creativity, noble values, and excellence that exists in the world of fighting.


As two people who come from humble beginnings, we have found comfort and direction in both fine art and martial arts. We wanted to build a brand that respectfully blended both, while acknowledging the beauty in a relentless growth and imperfection.